Rotary Fellowship for Francophonie

The purpose of our Rotary Fellowship is to encourage, foster and develop relationships between Rotarians and Friends by promoting Francophonie.

Francophonie and Rotary ?


districts worldwide are french-speaking !

(2020 study - Rotary Europe/Africa Office)

Our fellowship promotes and facilitates clubs, districts, and ICC partnerships both in Rotary friendship and Rotary action, and creates opportunities for friendly encounters.

Today, our fellowship includes over 90 members, coming from as many as 13 countries in 4 continents and 14 Rotary districts.

Rotary Day at UNESCO 2024

Rotary and UNESCO share a deep commitment to world peace and education.

Join us for this one-day conference to discover how our organizations promote the principles of positive peace.

As host committee for the conference, our Fellowship is operational support for the organization of events on May 3 and 4.

Together, we can leverage our global network of Rotarians, District Officers, ICC members, and Friends to encourage and create opportunities for international action within Rotary's areas of focus.

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We firmly believe that the worldwide unity of Francophonie, through its common culture and values is as enduring as that of Rotary, and that the advancement of one can only be beneficial to the other.

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